Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Events Page Carried On

In some ways the events section is one of the most important pages of the website, if not the most important as it is the section that will inform the audience of that is going on within the charity. It gives them the key information and quickly if they want to get involved. I have done this through the interactive map so that they know where it is and don't have to deal with a lot of information. It gets the audience involved in the website.

My next aim was to make the individual events stand out in a similar way to the information. I did this by redesigning the calender icon in photoshop so that the text stands out. I altered the CSS in dreamweaver to make the a block space for the image with a margin to separate the text.
See the .supporters for the CSS I added to it.
However the text wasn't clear enough so I made the red section of the calender bigger so the text was clear.
Code for calender image above
Here come the Modx bit. I created a template variable called {{list-events-tpl}} it sets teh date, tells the links to look for [~+id+~}, which means look for the div id with the styles and pick up the date [+date+]
Final result of icons highlighting the events

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