Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ninetendo DSiware Art Academy

Digital technology is changing the face of how art is being taught in both the education system and for home entertainment. Ninetendo have released a new art academy taught by 'Vince' who takes you step by step through basic drawing techniques and theories. There is also a free paint mode to create your own 'masterpieces' and connect via facebook to other users. The art academy is part of a developing branch of entertainment called Edutainment. The touch screen technology allows artists of all abilities to develop their skills through a choice of virtual resources. You can also take photos and try to make paintings from them.

This is all part of a new wave of art apps and digital interactive art forms that are developing how we create and perceive art. We no longer just reach for a pen and paper. We create art quickly, send it on quickly though our constant communication through the internet (facebook etc). It is about getting ideas down quickly and learning quickly. People don't want to wait anymore.