Monday, 7 March 2011

Art angry birds interface

I have created a user interface for an arty version of angry birds. The aim of the game is simple, you just have to shoot the right colour in the right place on the canvas to earn points. The more points you get the more art tools you gain. The challenge is to get the quickest time so that you can graduate from art school. Each tool that is fired from the canon has different properties so you'll never know how the texture will work with the canvas. As the game goes on, the compositions that you have to aim at on the canvas get more complicated. If you fail the level the game gets slightly educational and you have to answer a question related to the painting on the canvas in terms of formal elements (it will be well known).

Elements of the game:
The colour bar: you have to choose which colour as the menu moves.
The tools: as you go through the levels you gain rewards (the art tools)
The canvas: The composition you have to aim at. Get the right colours in the right place
The score board: compete against others and show off you high scores. Possibly compare the results of how the artwork has been changed.
The canon: Propel you art tool towards the canvas. It works through touch directing it.

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