Tuesday, 1 March 2011

About Modx

For my client project I am going to learn how to use Modx, an open source content management system. It is a php and MySQL database. It works by uploading HTML files in to the system that then allows you to create up-datable content with small tweaks.

Here are 3 examples of websites created in Modx. I have chosen them to look at their structure based on the layout of my website for Wish upon a Star and to see if my layout is achievable within Modx.
http://www.ywamthai.org/: I can play about with bold headers and placement of navigation.
http://true-word.org/: shows that the background can be altered to any degree as wish upon a stars will need to be.
http://www.oprone.com/oproneBeta/index.php: use of animated 'news ticker'. I really like how this website is built and the main focus is the news ticker as it will be on my home page. I like the subtle animation that flicks through the news. The timing of it is also good as it gives the audience enough time to look at the content without boring them.

Here is a video that explains the benefits of Modx and how it makes content easy to create and alter without any bounderies.

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