Sunday, 20 March 2011

Creating a News Ticker Through Modx

To get to grips with Modz and how it works in a website design agency I have had a series of meetings with Chris Fickling (one of the partners at ibrow media). He is the website design/developer of the previous website. he has been showing me the ropes of how to use Modx so that the client can use the update able content to its ultimate level.

To create a news ticker I had to set the layout of it in dreamweaver first so that I could assign Template Variables to it (tv's).

In this screen shot I had to add a Template variable to a template so that the document could access it and implement it on the web page. I called this Template variable 'newsoptions' so that the client will know what it is and be able to change the settings for the news that she wants to be shown.

This screen shot shows me defining the options that the client will be able to choose from (yes or no). The code for that is yes==yes||no==no

|| is telling the code to show the next radio option on the next line. A radio option just means that a few options are chosen and only one can be chosen.
The next step was to set the options for what images will be set up in the news ticker and where the images will be brought from.

The next step was to set the chunks, which is raw HMTL code that tells that template variables what to do and what div to access whilst carrying out its function.

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