Friday, 11 March 2011

Illustrative backgrounds

Today I have produced two slightly different backgrounds. Both of them are originally hand drawn but digitally altered in different ways.

This illustration is just my hand drawing but 'cleaned' up with the clone tool etc for a sharper appearance that will stand out in the browser. The centre is where the content will be but the client wants to be able to see some of the background through it so it unites the content with the background therefore taking away the 'boxy' appearance.

At the moment this is my preference as it seems more unique but I am going to play about with more techniques. Also I don't want to alter the illustration too much as the client wanted me to stick as closely as possible to the original drawings.

For the second illustration I have applied a filter (cutout) but I think it looks too manufactured and it doesn't look like my style.
Also I designed it in photoshop to incorporate different browser views. The audience with bigger browser wont get bored of looking at white space. As you can see from the diagram I have incorporated different illustrations at the points where a new browser size would fit to ensure that everyone enjoys the website and the design makes the best use out of the space.

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