Monday, 14 March 2011

Art/game apps in museums This museum in Texas uses multimedia technology to tell historical stories. It uses a mixture of sounds, music, pictures etc as more traditional forms of story telling would through audio. this art app is designed to take people through 6,000 years of Asian art history. The Acoustiguide smart tour has a well designed User Interface that navigates the content well. However I think that this is only a basis and need something to spark the users interest and get them involved in the app. It needs a story that makes the user interact with the UI. One of the key features to the apps accessibility and functionality success is that the app offers multiple choices of how to access the information therefore the user can choose which menu suits their needs/way of navigating. This article discusses the use of museum apps being purely for guidance and as a reference point to support the audiences museum tour. My thought is that don't children need something a bit more guiding/ attractive than a purely information based app. They need to feel like it isn't a task. They should feel like they are engaging in an entertaining game. Maybe a game that they can play before and after the visit to test their knowledge in an attractive way. It will also give the children additional reason to pay attention at a visit to a museum.

After downloading the MOMA art app I can see that although it is highly functional it doesn't engage the children in any way that would be different from a audio tour. Yes, it does supply the audience with extensive knowledge but I don't think any child would pay attention to it long enough to reap the benefits. If the information could be presented in a game format then the child could interact with the content and learn whilst participating. The would also have the option of learning it through a structured part of the app so that they can choose which option suits them best.

Gap In the market: There are 181 iphone art museam based apps vs only 31 in android...
Why: The iphone is available in 90 counties whilst teh android is available in just 32. There have been reports that there are bugs within the android system and it is hard to get apps to work on back-dated versions of android devices.

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