Sunday, 20 March 2011

More Museum Art/Game apps...

I like this idea as a starting point for my app. It draws you into the museum app through a story. My thought is what else are art museums about apart from telling the story of where the painting originated from, who the artist is and what their story is. Although I didn't like using the app as I found the story disappointing as it just led onto some static information I think i could create an app that leads on to a game of piecing a story together. Through the game you would gain artist tools to piece together the story.

I have also looked into experimental art apps as they link to the area I am exploring, however because I am introducing point scoring to keep the user engages and giving them an goal alterior it is classed as game.

I like the idea of Record maker. It let you create images using one finger. It has a humour factor with the images created.
I also like this app because it lets you manipulate work in the style of Joshua Davis, a digital and vector artist. I think it gives you an insight into how the artist works. This is what I want my app to do.

Tate Britain has created a kids section that includes a game section. I have looked at the detective game that gets children actively thinking about why the artwork has been created, by who and why.

I think this is a successful art/game app because it
  • uses bright graphics
  • multiple tools-zooming in etc
  • gives the children a challenge and a goal

Colour Colour: This web based game app teaches children about colour theory andd how it has developed since teh 50's. It lets you paint famous art works in the process.
Art Lab: The aim of the game is to restore an art piece of your choice. Along the way it describes for the process behind art restoration in real life.

Game possibility= a game that mimics a real life art process so that the children can learn and engage in a fun, educational game.

This game reminds me of my angry birds art app in terms of how it propels objects onto a canvas. You choose objects that make up a painting by Turner. Although it works I think it needs some more to keep the user engaged, something to aim for. Maybe a question and answer game after you've chosen the elements to be propelled onto the canvas.

This link (going slightly astray from my game app) has some useful links for website/ graphic designers. It has apps that send you jobs, portfolio apps, colour palette apps and even project management apps.

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