Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Artefact 3: The results

Through testing/ redesigning the interface of angry birds combined with an art app I have discovered that simple, colourful graphics draw people into game apps however I think that the results point to me developing the concept so that the games can connect with it on a deeper level. This will allow them to form a deeper knowledge base of art through a fun activity. From the previous artefact it was evident that the students want art apps that don't feel like they are doing work, something they can connect over sociably.

This chart could point me in the direction of experimenting further with the user interface by exploring propelling weapon options.

Would you play this game based on the aim of the game? Why?
  • It's a challenge, to see if I could complete it.
  • Because of its simplicity and its longetivity, if made in a way angry birds is made
  • I'd be happy to try the game as the concept sounds interesting. Although I'd worry that it's only possible to draw parabolas of varying colours therefore making multiple levels would be a challenge (as they would all look like rainbows)
  • What happens when you get to Art School isn't explained, and at a guess it would just be the end of the game. Maybe if when you get to Art School you could unlock new art tools, levels or difficulties for the next time you play.
  • The challenge
  • Sounds potentially fun when understanding the objective.
  • Seems like a fun concept
  • as a gamer myself I enjoy really involved games where I feel apart of the game and become involved in its story line. this game would be more aimed at the casual gamer rather than the serious gamer stereotype.
  • because i want more colours and points, im a big kid
  • Not complex enough - theres not enough incentive to win.
  • because the aim is simple,its the doing it tht counts
Also the results from this chart suggest that bold graphics are a big part of gaming and for a successful application bold graphics are a vital part.

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