Monday, 21 March 2011

Art/game app story boarding

I have designed the story board for 2 prototypes for an art/game app designed for museums. I think that most museums are missing apps that work on more levels than just giving the students a digital tour and ploughing through information. I think for a museum app to be successful it needs to engage the user in a task so that they are subconsciously learning through about art through the game.

The first stage of this app is to give the user options so they can participate in the game to learn or got through the content in order to learn. I am going to design the prototype to 320w by 480 (iphone standards) to begin with as it is the most popular phone on the market and has been used the most in museums to guide people.
The idea of my first art/game app is to find the artist through a shooting game mixed in with the concept of catch phrase.

Aim of the game: Answer the questions as fast as possible so you can shoot the canvas to find out who the artist is.
The questions: Get harder with each level and are all related to the art/artist so you get clues about who they are (like catch phrase). With each correctly answered question you win a art tool that you can propel at the canvas to reveal who the artist is. Each art tool has different qualities so will hit the canvas differently.

I have based the shooting aspect of this game on angry birds as it is what the audience in the current market are attracted to.

Art detective
Aim: The idea is to solve the mystery to save the art being lost forever. The canvas is damaged and you have to answer questions to restore it and choose the missing objects. The idea is that the audience gets to know the aspects of an art piece.

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