Monday, 14 March 2011

More art/game apps (in museums)

I aim to explore art/game apps within the museum field to see what the competition is and how I can create a game that children will enjoy whilst teaching them about art. Below are a range of games that I think express the different areas of art/game apps. Both of the art/game apps below are web based apps that aim to teach children art techniques or information about artists.

This is one of 4 games that allows you to experiment with different sketching techniques as Van Gogh did.

Getty games has a range of slide shows, puzzles, detective games and spot the difference to attract children to art information. This is is the metropolitan museum.

Simple matching pictures game to the title game.

ArtStart: Was developed by an art teacher in Seattle. It is an ideas generator that gives students a tool, project and colour to work in. It has proven very successful to simulate idea with students. A simple ideas ticker taken to the next level.

Animalia is a story telling game for the young artist. You have to find over a 100 items scattered throughout the artwork. A hide a seek game that can get the audience to explore the depths of the artwork. So far I like this concept the most as a story can make the artwork more intriguing rather than just straight up information.

What do think about whilst creating an art/game app for a museum:
  • In reality (if this wasn't for a uni based project) cost of development would be a factor
  • How much content to include
  • What the 'forward' thinking theme would be to attract/inform more visitors
  • The content of the app should enhance the experience of looking at it in person
  • Should raise the museums appeal to attract tech savvy people.
What have iphone apps been used for in the past?
  • Launch an app for a special exhibition.
  • Create an app for selected works rather than focus on thousands of artworks throughout the whole museum. Offer detailed information on the 'best' of the current exhibition. This is usually designed for the pieces that people are naturally attracted to any way, giving them a deeper insight (possibly before they even go to the museum).
  • A app that covers an extensive range of all the art work throughout the museum.
  • For donations/sponsorship

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