Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Her Morning Elegance

This is a really cool pixilation that I found. It has a really good pace to it that creates a strong visual relationship between the man and woman. I like the way that the video captures the song and bring it to life through the subtle movements of the woman. One of my favourite qualities of the pixilation is the lightning effects that highlight her movements, for example the sun moving down the bed and the transition between light and dark later on in the pixilation. In my opinion it makes it more realistic. 

Friday, 17 April 2009

My avatar so far

So far the hardest part about recreating myself as an avatar is getting the curves right but all was fixed after hours of frustration. I ended up recreating all of the hoody as there was too much geography within the jacket. I created the boobs the same way I created the hoody. I used the polygon and extrude tool and gradually altered the direction of the polygons to create a subtle curve.
The pink hoody is teh original that I am going to get rid of.

3D Max Avatar Up Date

My main goal when it comes to the avatar is to make it look as spot on as possible so I have found a tutorial that uses photographs of my face to create the structure. I created a plane to place the photos on and changed the dimension to suit the bitmap.

The planes were put in place to start creating the structure.

I began by creating the mouth with a cylinder and deleted the edges so one face was left.

To begin making the lips I made the cylinder into a doughnut shape and added in extra geography where the corners of the lips will be.
I have started to alter the vertexes to start making the lips. The most important part of the face to express my identity is my eyes. I plan to emphasis them to connect with the audience and get them thinking about who I am. So far this method has been a bit arkward when I have been trying to reshape the doughnut shape. I have found a better tuitorial that uses polygons instead.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

flash animation!

About a weeks ago I had a sudden brain wave to recreate my final idea. Instead of creating a question and answer game I am in the process of making a flash animation. It is based on a haunted house that a character of myself explore through discovering objects that tell a story within the house.

I made some hand drawn sketches and worked with them in photoshop. I intensified the colours  to make it quite playful and bold. 

It took about a day to sort them out and arrange them within the time line in flash. I really enjoyed working with the layers in flash. I feel like I can make it more my own than I can in 3D max as I have created my own illustrations by hand to make an imaginary world.

One of the finished layers in photoshop/flash. I am going to animate the moon to change its expression into shock when the character discovers an item that reveals my identity.
The original house

How Is this my identity?

The concept is for people to explore my identity in a hand drawn world that represents my imagination. No two peoples drawings are the same. There will be objects such as books, music, toys etc that represent dreams, emotions, relationships and everyday life.

Another idea is to create a series of animated landscapes to represent different aspects of my personality.

Friday, 3 April 2009

flash animation

I am enjoying playing with the different elements of flash at the moment. My flash game us developing quite rapidly so I want to try out different forms types of images I can put in my flash game. I can see the animated image above working quite well because it will conclude the game with an image of me, my visual identity to every one but they will feel like they can add some emotional identity due to the interactive identity with the friends and family within it. To finish off this animation I am going to add some text to it and music (need to think what music will suit it.)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Flash Game Update...

I am now in the final stages of finishing one of my flash games. The structure is working well as I have chosen to use the coding from our interactive narrative due to time issues. (Simon advised me to simplify my ideas).

I am thinking about arranging my images at the bottom of the page so that the user can still interact with them as a game but also have some more imagery to relate to the people. The main reason I am going to try this is to liven the page up but it might become too cluttered.
This is the simple code I used to produce the structure. It's amazing more much easier it has become to use than when I was doing the narratives project but it's going to leave me time to add animation.
These are the pictures I am going to use for people to choose who they think knows the most in about my identity.