Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Artefact four: User Interfaces

As part of my research project I have decided to explore different aspects of user interface design and how it affects peoples interpretations of how good the game will be. Judging from my research in to artifact 3 that asked people if colour and bold graphics affects their decision to play the game I decided to experiment with different types of graphics.

This user interface is aimed at 8-13year old as it uses simple, bright primary colours that suggest a tame, easy to play game. Also the text is simple to read and the graphics tell the target audience what the game is about.
I have carried this theme into the first UI (user interface) to provide a sense of consistency. Personally, I think this colour scheme gets the younger audience to trust the purpose of the game as the younger audience are more unlikely to go through the instructions.
For the second UI I have chosen to experiment with the background of the interface to see how this would affect the users choice to play the game. Although this is a simple change I think it will attract an older age range of up to 19 as the colours give it a more sophisticated, cleaner look.
I have chosen to put the silhouettes in the background to draw the eye to the slingshot and constantly remind the gamer of what the games purpose is. The black button and 'tools won' bar instantly stand out to guide the user. It does it through the stark contrast that makes the main elements stand out.

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