Sunday, 6 March 2011

Merging game and art

After contemplating my last 2 artefacts I have come to the decision to create an art and game app combined. It was evident that students of the age 16-18 preferred using game apps over art apps as they saw game apps as more fun. Additionally, in my 2nd artefact the range of artists who tried the art apps weren't impressed with the quality of art work that could be achieved due to the un-precise nature of using your finger to draw on a heat sensitive touch screen.

A lot of the students at Ashfield school really like Angry birds so I am thinking about ways to combine the game with artistic factors that would contribute to their art education in a fun way. My idea is to swap the birds in the slingshot for art objects that you sling at a canvas that you have to aim the colours at the right place. This will possibly be timed and if u miss the colours you aim for you will be asked a question to gain you points and move you onto the next level.

Although this is moving away from my original area of focus I am still looking at how art work is being displayed and taught through new means.

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