Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Donate Button

The donate button is a big part of how When You Wish Upon A Star will gain funds. It is an eye catching illustrated graphic that I hand drew and altered in photoshop (using my graphics tablet).

After sizing it in photoshop and creating the space for it (going by the chosen mock-up) within the website using CSS I created a div in Modx. This is the basic code that that any template variables or ditto calls will relate back to. Because it is just a click able image no ditto calls are needed just a link to the donate now page that will give the audience plenty of simple options to donate. By having two options to donate (a button image or text within the navigation it will attract more people). It adds extra functionality and user ability by having two options as different people may respond better to images or text.

After creating the div id in modx I copied the source code back into dreamweaver so that I could work with the CSS.

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