Friday, 29 May 2009

Daily Motion

I found this short animation on the daily motion website. It is about a dog who farts and creates a world. It follows the theme of evolution by being made entirely of recycled papers, bank statements, spam mail etc. I really like the idea of how it is made of all 'natural' ingredients and put into a digital production. The story is simple but moves at a good flowing pace to the music. I also think that it is very effective when the world turns into colour after the eruption because of  the direction of the camera that draws your attention to certain words that control our world, such as hours, government, cost, markets etc. The underlying message is about wastage in our world of greed that disrupts the flow of nature.

Its also aimed at the children because of the simple, childlike nature of the drawings. This is the issue that future generations will have to deal with. I noticed that there are two colour changes one when the world begins and one when we seek to find other worlds. I think this is to say that we will develop, we will continue to discover new possibilities but we have to preserve what we have (due to the creators use of recycled materials. 

Monday, 18 May 2009

I have uploaded my final piece onto deviantart but it hasnt upload my intoduction! I will post you teh intro so hopefully everyone can enjoy that!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

final avatar

Avatar stages

I tried out some targat lighting and lightning to see what best highlighted the avatars features. The lighting turned out to be too bright. I also lost some of the detail in the face when I changed to this lighting.

Matching the head to the body. So far so good.

I had to create my own hair from a sphere instead of using the hair and fur application as I don't have 3ds max at home (mac.) I liked the way it turned out as it unites the cartoony body and the slightly more realistic face.

Started off with extruding and making kinks in the hair.

I made the eye with 3 spheres. I would've liked it to have been more realistic but it work with the other features.
I made the face out of cloning the polygons and using the background pictures as references.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Final stages of my pixilation

This is my pixilation about the start of my uni life. The focus for the animation is about how this new people in my life have added to my identity and by being put in a situation where no one knows who you are you created a new, slightly ultered identity that merges in with your new friends.

Since I created this version I have have faded in the start and slowed down the first few frames to introduce the audience gradually to my production. Whilst I haev been creating the pixilation I have been watching other pixilation of a similar style to see how important the music is to teh overall effect. Since then I have decided to try to create my own music to make it more about my identity... whether or not it'll be good will be another story (I am tone I wan the music to be upbeat and emphasis the pace of the pixilation so it will replicate my pace of life/my positive attitude.

Also I have realised that if I was to create this again I would have to change the compostion so that the drawing is more centered so it attracts the audiences attention in a better way. The only way I could solve this problem is to add some draing to the bottm section of the pixilation but that will make it look too cluttered so I think it will work out best if I leave it.

I have now added in the fade in and outs but I need to think of some origianal credits to some up the piece and what front etc will fit in with the style.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Finished Flash Game

This is the start of the game where I have kept it a simple questionnaire game. I have tried to built on points that I could've done in my narratives game such as animating it to keep the audience engaged in the game. I have changed the background to black as I think it makes the pictures stand out. I choose those particular pictures to represent different aspect of myself. The distortion picture stands for how peoples perception of me may be distorted though first impression but they will learn more about me throughout the course of the game. The wooden pot holds many memories of travelling that have changed the way I think about life. The drawing is also important to me. It is a life drawing that I have created that represents my creative desire to improve my artist talents. 

In this part of the game you have to pick a persons comment that you best think describes what my identity might be.

To finish the game I have created a drawn animation of myself and made the eyes the focus to portray that the audience has found my identity. They find my identity through the comments that my friends and family say about me. These are people that have known me at different stages of my life therefore have seen the way I have changed and grown so their comments can paint a picture of who I am. The end animation is about the audience gaining an insight to my identity and one of the key ingredients to knowing some one is through their eyes ('the eyes are the window to the soul'). I emphasised this in the drawn animation above (worked over in photoshop/flash) by only using colour around the eyes.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Finished Flash Elements

These are a couple of screen shots of the introduction to my identities box. It starts with childlike game to present my version of the exquisite corpse. It works my moving the mouse over different sections of the image to change therefore you make your own version of me. The three section represent three characters of me (although there are more.) Passionate, happy and reflective as all three trait's I can relate to the rest of my life passion for art, family, friends, travelling etc, my happy/positive outlook and the reflective nature that unites my character.

I also thought the exquisite corpse is a good introduction to my box because it reflects how we are introduced in real life, by face value we interpret some ones looks and make a prejudgement on them. I want to give my audience a prejudgement and show them the inner depths that make me who I am.

My identity shuffled. I experimented with different focuses (close-up etc) to provoke different reactions and emphasis certain part of my personality. For example the happy character is in a close-up form to grab peoples attention because it is the first photo you will see.
First scene of my box. I am my identity box.

Before I placed the pictures of me onto the box I experimented with boxes to work out the code. I admit I found it hard at first but with some help with the code from David I was on my way.

My code.

My original plan was to repeat the pictures 3 times to make more options to enter the box in but with the time scale I am working with I haven't been able to produce that many. If I have time at the end of the project I will add in more exquisite corpse characters.