Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What the client really wants and how to find out

Recently I have been talking to Chris Fickling, of ibrow media. Whilst dealing with the client I have learnt a lot of new skills that have helped me to demonstrate the role and responsibilities that a multimedia practitioner should provide. For instance Chris recommended that every-time I have a new client, providing them with a questionnaire that covers the area that the clients needs changing/developing of the website. It will also be solid evidence of cost and a reference point of which to go back to if the client looses sight of what they want. I have re-designed the questionnaire so that the client can focus on areas that they may not have covered previously.

Basic information
  • Who is the key client of the business organisation?
  • Name
  • Title
  • Contact details
Who has the final say of the product?
When is the product needed by?
What may effect the schedule? (e.g. meetings, marketing, reports).

Current website
What are the main features you need changing?
What areas are successful? Why?
What aspects of branding, feel of the website needs to be kept?

Reasons for redesign
What are the main reasons that you need the website redesigned for? e.g. outdated website, re-branding etc
What are the main purposes of the website redesign? donations, increased sales, advertisement
What do you want to be achieved in the long and short term of the website?
How will the new redesigned websites success be managed? Questionnaire, google analytics
How do you intend to achieve your business strategy both online and off line?

Who are you aiming for? Age, job, income, what do they use for the web for?
What is the main action the audience will engage with on your website?
What are the main reasons you stand out from the competition and people choose your website over others?

The impression
Use a few adjectives to describe how you wan the visitor to feel when they are on your website. e.g. friendly, business orientated, professional, cutting edge
How does your website/business stand out against the competition?
Example of URL that you admire

Is there any part of the website that you want to transfer into the new one?
How do you want the functionality and navigation be altered?

Do you need a content management system to create update able content?
Do you need more defined programming, such as photo galleries, news updates, news letters etc?

All of these questions aim to get a solid idea of what the client NEEDS

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