Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Attracting and keeping the audiences attention of the events page

My goal for the Events page was to create a format that would make it easy for the audience to know exactly when, where, who to contact and what website to visit quickly. So I have used icons along with a bold title to make the information eye catching. This means the audience doesn't have to spend ages searching for information or get bored of looking for it.

To add in the icons I had to create a div id for each, changing the name of the image, adding a class to position the icon and I referred it back to [*Eventphone*],[*Eventemail*]etc changing it for each icon so that it picks up the template variable that will style it in Modx. The * means that the template variable will refer to the page that I am now on.
The code above create the icons below
That I then styled into all of the defining icons. At first it was adding the email icon in the wrong place so I had to take out

Final result of specified event page

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