Monday, 31 May 2010

Freelance portfolio website

As a bit of freelance work and a favour to a friend I am doing a portfolio website for Sophie Magnante (another 2ND year student of NTU multimedia). She wants a fun, creative website to advertise her work. i have started with a bit of research into the area. Also she has given me a few links to her favourite websites.
  • She like the squares for thumbnails for the work
  • she like the way you can navigate through the thumbnails and it remands as a grid.
  • collaged and layered
  • animation intro?
  • doesn't like the menu
  • one background that changes slightly with each page
  • something moves left to right that engages the audience.
There's a website I have found that I think is creative and layered but may be a bit too 'hand made' for Sophie. (I might bear it in mind for my portfolio website).

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Dissertations pathways

Art app used to buy and sell art from anything from £100 and up. Does this mean that the horizons of fine art consumers have risen due to the internet?

This article discusses how art has become more accessible to more people through the internet and allows more people to buy and invest in art.
Art is changing and broadening it's audience through the web. The article above describes how new media is changing the face of contemporary art and the audiences it attracts.

How are we going to view art in the future? Will the way we experience art change? This comment has caught my eye-
“In the new digital world I suspect that artforms, artists and cultural organisations will succeed by occupying the liminal space between offline and online, building a compelling presence in both that allows something unexpected to emerge where they meet and blur together.”

Thursday, 6 May 2010
This link is to an article that may have sparked an idea for a dissertation title. What impact does new, Internet based technologies have on art and society? It's about how digital art is considered 'real' art and has as much function in society as art in a physical form.

This lists 30 top art teaching app, which I think is dramatically changing the way future generations learn and how they understand art. the app includes anything from brushes which is used purely to create art with different brushes/colours to learning about artists to combining maths and art.

reference to info on graphic tablets and how artists use them.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Digital finger painting

Brushes is an iphone app that allows you to paint using up to 4 layers, an advanced colour picker and several realistic brushes. So what does this mean for art. is it progressing so far in to digitisation that an iphone/laptop is going to be the new piece of paper?

Many artists have started using it to as a digital sketch book and printing it onto canvases as the image resolution is so high. The screen is only 7cm but it allows u to zoom in by 1600%. Another new tool is auto desk sketch mobile. Because the app is so accessible to any one it makes me wonder if anyone can claim to be an 'artist' or if the app still needs a certain skill level to be able to produce good quality art work.