Sunday, 6 March 2011

Inspiring drawing apps

I have been researching art apps for inspiration as to what the art app market is missing. So far I have found a web based app called posemaniacs. It is based on life drawing classes and gives you a certain amount of time to draw the pose. It is designed to make you sketch with minimal lines in the smallest amount of time to recreate the human form.

My idea: I think that this idea could be improved on to develop students skills of drawing from memory. An app could be created that shows them an object that they have to draw, using their fingertips. This could improve on their drawing skills with their fingertips therefore improving the ipad etc as a drawing medium. As the levels go on the complexity of the object that they would have to draw would grow.

To begin with I thought the concept behind this app was a really good idea to train students in drawing with their fingertip. My thought was if they are creative then surely they've got the skills to draw something reasonably good? Well the precision of the tools is awful, the line doesn't follow your fingertip at all so how can this train students. You need a bit of control to be able to draw successfully. There is only 2 brushes that aren't the shape that a regular brush is. It gives you the choice of a square or a circle so you can't make any detailed marks.

On the other hand the functionality is good. It is easy to navigate. Also it times you, as well as marking your precision, which if the tools were of a good quality to use then would be a good way to develop students skills.

My idea: Keep the timing and marking system but with more options of tools and materials to draw on. Also a higher quality of tools that can create more detailed marks.

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