Friday, 18 March 2011

Augmented reality with art/museum apps

“We want to make an A.R. project with strong emphasis on user-generated content,” Mr. Wils said, referring to augmented reality. He also emphasized the importance of getting artists involved in the process. “We want to see that artists are using the technology to come up with new user experiences,” he said.

“I myself would call it an interactive participatory work of art, but it’s up for interpretation,” said Amy Heibel, the museum’s director of Web and digital media, referring to the application that lets people rearrange 38 elements of a 17th-century Dutch still life. This is referring to the museum app called 'In still life'. In my opinion it gets people involved in the work, getting them actively involved in the museums content and the work artists are producing. For example John Baldessari is an artists work who is becoming brought into the world of app and therefore exploring the art works boundaries. His work was initially about bringing text and photography into his painting but this app allows you to merge real life images into still life juxtapositions that are personal to you but done in the style of that artist.

This has given me the idea to develop my app design to incorporate an aspect allowing people to interact and recreate the artwork so that they can learn about it on a new level.

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