Sunday, 27 March 2011

Adjusting/creating Modx elements

Throughout the screen shots below I was creating details that are going to be displayed on the right hand side of the page to give the audience specific details of when,where, cost, contact details and the venue of an event so that it is easy to find and in a structured format.

1) First of all I had to create a chunk. A chunks purpose is to refer to code so you don't have to duplicate code. Below I had to alter which part the code is referring to within the chunk e.g. [*Eventcost*]

The * means that it will refer the code to the page that you are now on.
2) That print the text on the page but I still had to alter the CSS to change the colour of the code, which was easy to do.
3) I changed the CSS in dreamweaver
4) And uploaded the CSS style sheet (this is the general method of uploading the CSS I go through each time that a style change is made and the back end is dealt with in Modx).
5) Final result of bold, dark blue text that defines the major details of each events. The client can go into Modx and adjust the details.
Although this was a simple task compared to other tasks I have done in Modx I think that is an important component because it is forming a structure for each page that the audience will find simple to use as they will immediately get used to the structure. This will make the website easy to use because of the flowing nature of the site. Where ever you are on the site you will be able to navigate to where you want by the main navigation, the footer navigation, the search bar and on each page on the right is has elements that relate to the topic you are on so the information you need is easy to find.

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