Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sponsorship Page

The sponsorship page has always been a bit of a task for me as it is a lot of information and logos to display on one page. The challenge is how to get people interested in a series of logos that may not necessarily interest them. Also it is important that I take into account the companies that take priority as they have contributed substantial amounts of money as well as the smaller companies/individuals. So I have decided to create a image that will contain the logos and constantly be changing so that each sponsor will have equal amounts of time at the top. This will be at the top of a series of 3 logos that will change, at random each time the page is refreshed that way no company is seen to be preferred.

Also by formatting it this way it means that the page won't 'grow' too big with each logo that is added therefore making the audience scroll too far and get bored.

Below is a basic diagram of how the page is structured. I have created it using the same code as the news ticker on the homepage, except in Modx I changed it to the marquee settings so it flickers in and out rather than scrolling up and down.
Creating the sponsorship pages in Modx

I had to create an individual page for each logo/sponsorship so that the audience can interact (if they wish) with each sponsor equally and find out more information about them. This ensures that each sponsor gets equal coverage. Also creating each page helps to connect the logos with the fading in and out logo.

To ensure that all of the logos are presented well and load quickly I saved them for web to a 72 res. I saved them all in a supporters folder so that the client can choose which logos are presented from a folder.
I made sure the page is published in Modx so that it can be viewed as part of the live website.
Click icon to browse folder of uploaded images that I had altered in photoshop.
Take away the image size so the image doesn't pixilate. If i kept the dimensions in the logo would automatically try to format itself to those dimensions.

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