Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pixilation thoughts

After developing our first sequence of photographs I felt that they were a good start but it didn't give me a lot of options to develop it further as we had rushed through the narrative. It definately left we wanting to use more props to replace people and more movement in different directions. After exploring a few stop motions I liked the ideas that Norman McClaren used in Neighbours. some of my favourite movements were adding the people in as if from no where as an element of surprise. I thought this is versatile as I thinking about replacing people for objects and changing characters easily.  

So far one of the animations that impresses me the most is Pas De Deux Pt1 as it's very simple in black and white overlapping images. My favourite part about it is the dramatic music behind it. In my opinion it sets it off as the music gets heavier and more layered as he blurs each photo into another.

When it comes to my pixilation I want to experiment with colour to suggest a different mind frame or emotion (as the makers of the Matrix did-green and blue symbolises different worlds.)

Monday, 27 October 2008

In todays world the concept of multimedia has dramatically changed. It is the worlds new fuel for inspiration, for change and new opportunities. Gone are the days where video was causing waves by portraying the worlds best imaginations. In the current times video games, blue ray dvds and mobile phones are a few products taking us forward. What they all have in common is that they give us a broader way to interact with each other, to learn and communicate. 

The mobile phone is a product that has changed a great deal in versatility. It's purpose has gone from one of a basic communication object to one of which has multiple technological purposes, such as playing games, searching the web and acting as an MP3 player. For example we all know about the new apple iphone that is build to combine digital media player, phone, and touch screen to replace the keyboard. The phone increased GPRS rates (improved data transmission rates) means that is has changed the rate that our society can communicate therefore businesses can run smoother across oceans. 

Judging from current technologys I can see combined devices being built into the palm of your hand so it can be heat sensitive, motion sensitive (developed from the wii) and controlled by your brainwaves of though.  

The new apple phone has used the latest technology to be one of the first to join amplitude and phase. These two factors joined together mean that we can create more linear products that can transport multiple elements of data at any given time. In everyday terms we can create one multimedia object that can act as a mobile phone, keys (to home, car etc,) internet, games system. The reason why it is hasn't been developed yet is because designers are having trouble making it linear enough. At the moment they are experimenting with making chips that only use part of it at one given time (MPEG4-compressing audio and visual data.)

 In my opinion  I see this object as becoming a form of identification because once you have everything that is key to your life on one device there is no need for chip and pin on your passports or bank cards. Everyone could get a chip on their device that is unique to them and only them. There has already been evidence of this in the current world, for example car keys have began to be designed to include a chip with a unique digital code. The code not only open and closes your car but it enables you to make your car mobile. Consequently I see this technology letting people follow your every footstep (even more than camera systems do) as you will always have that digital code transmitting a signal.

However although there are many benefits of this one device being created such as a greener world (no paper needed etc,) more interactive learning devices to suit every personality/age (it allows shy etc people to socialise even further wherever they are) there are a few downfalls. Recent technology has also developed people analysing signals produced by your keystrokes by measuring the electromagnetic field you produce whilst typing. In the grand scheme of things this means that any information you type could be used against you. 

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Messing Around With Pixilation

Today was my first go at pixilation techniques. I was excited to try it out after getting a taste for animation during our whiteboard exercise because I realised how much thought to each movement goes into the final picture no matter what the skill of drawing is. At this point we jumped straight into making the still frames which might be a problem later because we didn't consider the true narrative until we had made to many stills to turn back. 

We started off with running motions and on a green, leafy hill side to give the landscape an interesting edge. I felt a bit like a big kid rolling down the hill to make our first shot but who doesn't like doing that?! Our work slowly turned into more of a narrative as we used the trees as props to hide behind from "a monster." As i take more photos I'd like to add more props to replace people and more movement (jumps etc.)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I'm like every other student who came to Nottinghham Trent. I was thinking of the crazy night life, meeting new people and of course what my new flat would be like. That was the easy bit.... I want to be able to challenge myself by blending my creative thinking with the digital world. Every one wants to pass but I want to be able to create new worlds full of stories, made out of colour and texture.

What did I do in Freshers week? Well apart from having the luckiest week of my life so far with booze (no hangovers) I've met some really nice people in my flat. They've introduced me to french animation. It was really cute. The characters reminded me of french versions of wallace and gromit. Even though there was no dialogue I was hooked by the dramatic music telling the story of this carton trying to train for the marathon. What attracted me to it was the exaggerated stereotypes, for example the runner had massively exaggerated calfs. Apart from that I've been out most nights at the SU and trying to find my way round Nottingham.