Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Logo Development

These designs are my initial ideas that i am going to put forward into 3d max to possible make them into idents. I also want to experiment with them with hand drawn materials and photoshop because I feel that I will be able to express myself more clearly as I am more confident with painting/drawing and photoshop. As you can see below I have 3/4 clear favourites that I am going to mess around with. 

My favourite on this page is the woman coming out of the lettering because I feel that is an expression of my personality. With the right colours it could look lively and excited, which is part of my personality when it comes to new things. The hair is floating to the side to show a flowing, elegant side to my personality. I have also kept the character simple and carton like to reveal a childish nature that will appeal to everyone. 

My 2 favourite designs on these pages are the 'GS designs' in bold that I could animate to be jumping in the air to reveal a surprise. I thought I would keep the text stable yet bold and fun (by having curved edges) to create a respectful but yet again keep the fun/bubbly look to it.

Another design I am in favour of is the eye that blinks to reveal my company name that I want to keep small and unique ( but still in touch with the consumer.) I started with the idea of the eye because it is one of my features that people associate me with that stands out to them.

A Quick Questionnaire 
I asked a few of my friends and family that that thought I would be if I was a shape, colour, texture and movement...
1) A purple star that is fluffy.
2) A green piece of Lego because is fun, easily 'fits in' and moves around a lot (I thought this was one of the more random answers.)
3) smooth circle but with jagged movements
4) flowing moment with a denim like texture but has the odd sparkle in the right light. Maybe flowing flower or a continuously flowing line.

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