Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Whiteboard animation idea expanded

Although you can't see very well from the picture above I have started another pixilation to see which one represents myself better. i started off by doing a basic storyboard to generate some ideas for images that can tell a story about my life at the moment. I decided to do images that help create my identity by action and people I see every day. I have followed a similiar theme to the lego man pixilation of other people adding to your identity through friendship. At the moment this is very fitting for me as I have obviciously not been in Nottingham very long, started a new course, meet new people etc. I wanted to reflect how my life has changed and how the people I have become friends with contribute to this. 

Object that symbolise my life at the moment-

shaking hands= new friendships etc,
music= want I enjoy listening to while I work,
flat= next years plans,
bold, bright colours= part of my personality.

Also I made a brain storm with a few of my flat mates who are involved in the pixilation to reflect what we have in common therefore what has helped us all combine our identities to make friends. 

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