Thursday, 12 February 2009

Logo Design

Logos By Jacob Cass

I found these 2 logos on a website advertising graphic designers, web designers, animators etc. Although they are quite simple I think that they are effective in advertising the companies image. They are both by a student (my age) called Jacob Cass. In my opinion the use of font, colour and symbols are put together in a professional manner. Although these logos could easily be used for any brand I would want to make mine stand out and compliment the rest of by interactive box. Maybe give the logo an everyday symbol that we all associate with a certain company to provoke ideas about what meaning/function my curiosity cabinet has. For example we all know the coke sign but it has been turned on it's head to portray something completely different. It portrays the drug culture that it originated yet none of us think about that when we buy it. This is where Bernaises public relations theory comes n useful.

Everyday I use objects such as the clothes that I wear, my guess watch, the bag I carry etc. I could turn the meaning of them around by revealing peoples inner thoughts of what emotion that object provokes and use that to my advantage to create a logo with an old image but a message.

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