Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Flash Ideas

I have had a few ideas based on interactive stories and games that I could work with in flash, as I want to experiment with online environments as well as virtual environments. (Hopefully something else that will help me choose for next year!) My ideas included creating a more developed interactive narratives of my identity by creating a game or a interactive photo album. Both of which I want to try and add animation into. 

The interactive story was influenced by the illustrative websites that I looked at yesterday as I loved the way the text moved like a comic book on the page. My ideas is to have the pictures move on to the page to tell the audience a story about my past, my imagination and bits of what I hope to be in the future. Also I want to explore this as another way of telling my story of travelling part of the world as it adds to who I am today.

Another idea of mine is to create a game based on travelling the world and integrating the different cultures and experiences into it that I had. 

Jools said today as an after thought to think about the political environment we live in. How much of your work does that? It got me thinking about how our world has been brought together through technology, bringing the worlds cultures into one. For example some art work, graphics etc is made trying to appeal to everyone but to no one at the same time because it has no sense of identity. No one will recognise where it is from, who it is by etc. So I want my work to have a big sense of where I am from, what experiences I have. I think this idea is a good opportunity to do that as I can look at each culture I experienced and make an identity for that and how it is linked to me.

This is a story board of random ideas that could make up a game and text telling the story, for example let me set the scene- you are in LA it starts to get over bearing, people being demanding, it's too commercial/ fake. What do you do? OR You climb ares rock (Australia) but you get dehydrated and tired. Do you carry on? Through answering these questions the aim of the the game is to get as far around the world as you can.

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