Monday, 2 March 2009

Logo Inspiration

Whilst I have been exploring logo and coming up with ideas (see previous post) I have come across these three logo. The looney toons logo has stood out the most to me because of its vivid colour range and composition. The composition has been the most help to me as I am developing a logo for my box that has my 'company' in bold text with a female character popping out of it. In my opinion the arms presenting Looney Toons makes the title stand out because bugs bunny becomes the center of attention so you know what it is about therefore you associate Looney Toones with comical comedy/fun. Also only 5 colour in a similar tonal range are used to keep it simple and not over complicate the design.

Everyone recognises this Logo. It has helped make Starbucks what it is today. Although i am not a fan of Starbucks the logo is very well designed. The two colour work well together to express a 'natural' (green) and serious (black) theme. To add to the natural theme a woman is the centre of the logo to promote Starbucks 'caring' nature.  It also implies that if you buy coffee from Starbucks you are buying the best due to the crown on top of the woman's head and of course it has America written all over it because of the Stars (especially on the crown.) 
Until today I have never heard of Kidlink but its logo has stood out to me because of it simple, linear design that advertises a bold, trustworthy company because of the combination of the structured text and the smiling faces. There is also a sense of 'togetherness' because of the interlinking faces which adds to the sense of people being able to bond with the company.

From looking at all of these logos I think I am going to work on my company/person logo. I am going to experiment with colour to provoke emotion, line to simplify the design and give it structure, text/font to express the friendliness of my personality and the gestures of the person I have drawn to provoke emotion in my audience.

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