Monday, 9 February 2009

Random work I like...Maybe this will help me choose!!!

Aaron Humpheys (graphic/ new media designer.) This design really stood out to me because of the bright colours against the dark background. Also there seemed to be some freedom in the picture because of the different compositions of their bodies.

This is one of my favourite pieces that I found on I love the way it look so authentic like a story book coming a live in a child dream. 

3D animation by Anthony Wong (3D generalist.) This animation appeals to me because it oozes character with it's different textured skin and slight reflection in the eyes.
3D illustration by David Corbalan. This another favourite of mine. I love the expression in the cartoons face. It makes me want to find out more about what is going to happen. I like the texture in the background. 

Flash animation/ illustration by Brian Johnson:

I'd like to recreate some type of game in flash like the one above. Its fun and light hearted vibe gets people interested in the product. It's something we all can relate to- music.
Character design on

 This is the classic character design that I like. Simple, full of character and the start of ideas to come.