Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Creativity

My creativity has always been for me. It has always been there to comfort me, to baffle me and to express who I am at any given time. Without it I wouldn't be me. Although each year I have been in education I am given a task I love bending the brief to my own identity. I put a piece of myself into each piece of work. That is how I got to where i am today and how i intend to succeed in the art and design world. No two people are a like, no one else is like me. 

I find with my work it connects to other people in my life that are important to me. My relationship with those people sometimes influences my work, for example my interactive flash narrative was partly designed for my cousin. i wanted to pass on my favourite children's book to her in a different form. 

Until now I have generally been working with physical art work (paint, pen, paper, sculpture etc) but i wanted a new challenge that has led me to multimedia. I want to create work that people can relate to, interact with (to an extent.) I found Alevel work restricting because the criteria is set in stone so I have been used to working in quite a structured way (that I sometimes bring into my work now. Usually I would have an idea, research, experiment etc but now I have been faced with more tools (3d max etc) I have dedicated more time towards that rather than getting comfortable with painting. Now that I have reached this stage I find that more and more of its my decision in terms of what i do with my creativity and my time

My dream for the future is to work in the creative side of advertising and create art work for fun in my spare time (probably bring it into my work as well.) I would love to design adverts like the Toyota robot/car advert, interactive games and maybe character design but as I have only just entered the multimedia world I want to try website design as well.  

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