Thursday, 12 February 2009

Today I watched 'the history of propaganda in America' to get some extra inspiration to develop the ideas for my box. It had some interesting issues that got me thinking about who I am and who we all are in today's society. Edward Bernaise (Sigmund Freud's nephew) was the first person to seek out an expression we all take for granted- public relations. Public relations brought about the idea that we all should put number 1 first, we should become consumed by selfish desire and let our inner feelings dominate us. His idea was that everything we want is connected to our dream (unconscious) and sexual desire. 

In today's world that is undoubtedly true. Every object advertised to us is telling us if we buy that object we will become more sexually attractive, more of an individual and that your personality will ooze out of you if you wear/buy that item. You will be a better person if you buy that object. In my opinion Bernaises ideas have completely changed the consumer/product relationship. It makes me wonder how many of the curiosity cabinets we make will use items that we think are important because of the price tag? Why do we think these object describe us? Would we be able to describe ourselves without these objects?

In terms of my own curiosity cabinet I want to try to express this thought through one of my sections. Maybe through the travelling game because it can use objects to symbolise not only who I am but who the masses are within that country. Also watching the start of this series has made me want to look into brand identity more to inspire some ideas for my logo. What logos appeal to individuals and why?  

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