Monday, 9 February 2009

Website design research

This website was different from the style of the others I have looked at because it is more realistic and guides you around the room. This is partly due to its much older target audience (maybe women in their 30s) because of the spotless 3d modelling and it focuses on the kitchen. Plus lets admit it most of the type the stereotype is that women like cooking.  If I am going to take online environments next year I want to work with many different medias film, animation, sound, photography, illustration etc. i can see that website design would enable me to do this. It gives me many different layers to work on.

This website was enjoyable as you got to create your own playground. I got quite into it! It felt like the website was being personalised for me because i got to create something of my own for it therefore it made me want to know more about the website. I could easily take the playful look of this website into my own work to create my own style.

Animation is added in each part as the boy get more friends the landscape changes to keep it more interesting.

I also liked this one as its very simple but effective. The images set off by the simple yellow, white and blue colour screen. It also gives off a fun vibe as the company are advertising jobs/ advertising thought the audience playing a game. I think this is a good way of advertising as it is sutle with its message.
Amazing quality drawings that involve you in their thought process with a game.


This is my favourite website that i found on You've got to go on there. I always thought website design was a bit of a boring option because it seemed so static but this website and my chat with Jools today has got me seriously considering taking online environments next year. I like this website comic book style animation techniques and the way it tells you a story (someone was on a trip when they created this.) I could see myself creating websites with many layers of illustrations, messages and maybe 3d modelling if I get my act into gear and carry on with the 3d max tutorials. 

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