Monday, 2 February 2009

More ideas- whiteboard animation

What started the idea. I really enjoyed making our first whiteboard animation when I joined nottingham trent and it was a good way to get to know a few of my course mates. Looking back at it months after gave me the idea to create a short white board animation about my identity and how it is influenced by new friendships, new starts and new experiences since I have started uni. I am influenced my the animations below and I am going to take on board what they have done to make themselves unique.
e.g. different colours, lines, sometimes textures and different props.

Screen shot of 'catch me if you can' white board animation. I like this animation because of it's good use of other objects such as a hand, game console etc to make it stand out in the simple narrative. 

This is also onne of my favourite whiteboard animations because of it's smooth running from image to image. Also they different colours, lines and interaction they have with the hand drawing them appeals to me. Even though they are only simple additions to the piece it improves the quality of the animation.

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justin albert said...

I also do agree with the stuff you shared, Thanks that's a wonderful post.

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