Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Thinking of the Future

Today was a bit of an eye opener. I realised that I definately don't want to do AV. Although I enjpy watching film it doesn't spark as much passion as virtual enviroments does. I am going to have a look at online environments as well to see if they provoke as much interest as animation etc has so far. Maybe look at online tours, online games, interactive websites, interactive narratives etc...

It was interesting hearing what every ones interpretations of each other was in such a short times span but Jools said something to me that was spot on- " that to me it isn't about the technology. It is about creating something for me. To reflect my personality. " I think I have the confidence to do that. I was also quite surprised that he suggested game design as I haven't really played on a PlayStation etc since I was 12 (a long 9yrs ago!) Also thinking about the future my main hurdle at the moment is working out the technology! Once I have got it I will be happy. It's so frustrating at the moment to have these ideas but not know quite how to put them into an animated form. I am just thinking of it as a tool to reflect my identity and imagination. 

As well as game design I am going to research character design and I like the idea of story telling through my images.

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