Friday, 2 January 2009

Second life diary-day 1

After a bit of a Xmas break I've started looking at second life. To be honest second life isn't my kind of thing. Although I am passionate about multimedia and how it is changing the world my first thought on interactive games like second life is that they are a load of S***. I think the best way to live life is to experience with your own eyes to get a real appreciation for the world we live in. However I can see how it benefits some people that may not have the resources to travel to these places for the experiences second life offers. Also second life can be good for certain types of personalities.

Once I started playing second life my opinion has changed a bit because it's new to me and leaves me wondering how to navigate this new world that man kind have created. The first thing that I did was chat to an Argentinian guy who was also new to it. To me it felt kind of awkward but I guess I could say anything and it wouldn't really matter. Whose really going to know it's me. That is the beauty of second life. you can express through these human graphics who you'd like to be. I was more interested in creating a character than anything else. I wanted to choose a character that was so far away from what I was really like that I could change it into any part of my 'personality.' By doing this I was inspired by the graphics to create my own aviator. I want to find a middle ground where I can express more of my own personality as hopefully I can learn how to make it form scratch. I would change the hair, clothes, eyes etc to symbolise the style and personality of me as a person and brand. 

One other thing that stood out to me was that real world issues where brought to my attention, such as rubbish. One of the first things I came across was a recycling symbol so in a way treat second life as you'd treat you real life or learn from it.

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