Friday, 16 January 2009

My identity ideas

I did a brainstorm to work out what identities means to me. I found that one of the things that intrigues me the most is the difference between brand identity and personal identity...

Each advert I looked out promoted a certain way you should be and if you are like that you will automatically have "Bags of self confidence." This collage helped me develop some ideas but I also did a more personal collage made up of different drawing and objects that are important to me.

I came up with 3 ideas-
1) A face (probably mine to represent myself as a brand/personal identity) sectioned off into the mouth, eyes, section of the head etc. Each would be in a box that the audience can interact with to get a different story, e.g. the mouth would have a filmed interview, the eye would have a pixilation inside (dark image- what am I? who am I?)....

I have an extended idea of this. Instead of being just one face there would be 4 and each one would represent a different personality. Also you could choose which face you want as they would scramble around until you stopped it. Again each facial feature would have a different story.

2) My second idea is a more literal translation of a cabinet. I would have a cabinet with a number of books, a passport, cards and a letter. Each one would be interactive and link to a part of my life. It would all start with an introduction,maybe a pixilation of my journey to cabinet.

3) Finally, my last idea at the moment is to have a curiosity cabinet represented by a room. There would be a number of objects that you can pick up and look at, as if you are sneaking around someones room. Certain objects would trigger music, others would trigger the film to go with it.

Idea one
Idea one extended.

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