Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Metropolis 1927

"The Heart Is The Meteor Between The Head And The Hands"

Personally, although I don't have much film knowledge for this era I think Metropolis is a master piece. I how the troubles of Germany were expressed through the over exaggerated emotion, the clothing, the text etc. For instance the clothing united the workers and separated the boss but most importantly it showed you who the heart of the film was- the son. Dresses in white and always sensitive to what was going on in his society he was what united all the classes. It symbolised the problem of the time, that Germanys  society had to unite to beat Hitler.

1) There can be no understanding between the hands, the heart and the head.
Every part of the film says there is an understanding. The son, acting as the heart reflected what the people needed, a saviour. The community needed to be strong against the powerful, rich forces that I think represent Hitler. Also The son represented their heart because of his vivid over expressions,and wiliness to give up everything to join them.
2) In some ways the film can be seen as a flash presentation.
Some parts of the film reflect this through the text acting as symbols for what is going to happen e.g. the text goes down the scene when its talking about the working class whereas it goes up the scene if its talking about the upper class. In one scene the text oozes blood when one of the characters is in trouble.
3) Technology is evil.
Technology is just a tool that could have been used for good or evil however without that technology Hitler would not have been able to cause as much damage to the world at that time. Also many people probably would've died making the technology of that time. On the other hand there a predictions of the future of what a city would be like and the people ruined it. 

The message is That if you use your brain and hands to filter it through your heart it will be good and wholesome.

In later years, way into the future this film was an influence for films like the matrix (as far as the technology theme goes)

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