Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back To London

The Serpentine Gallery

My favourite exhibition so far has been Highway to India. I found it really inspirational. One of the mixed media installations that stood out to me is Ghost/ Transmemoir by Bose Knishnamachari. He explores the transitions period and impermanence that is part of Mumbai's culture today. Personally it stood out because each TV was an individual piece of art work but they were all united with one voice to me it symbolised the growing character, growth in technology and socially. It gave me the idea to use special objects joined together with one theme (in my curiosity cabinet.) The theme could represent a side I don't reveal in every day life.

Another piece I liked was a striking film called The lighting testimonies by Amar Kanwar. To me is shouted power and sexuality but surprising from an Indian female. He intertwines threads of society- politics, gender, philosophical and religious opinions. What stood out to me was the way he approached this through tribal chants from a women with the camera faced beneath her it gave her almost a natural look of God with the trees in the background. I also liked it because not any pieces of Indian art work I have seen have addressed woman so directly. It is a sign that their culture is developing.

We went to one last gallery called ArtproJX to see My Blood Self by Grace Ndiritu. It was one of the most disturbing yet intriguing exhibitions I have seen so far. At first I considered her work to be a bit sick because she paints in her own blood, some of it was still shining wet on the page but then I saw her film The Dolls Day. The music in the background made me tense and unsure. It was set in a phobic room the Mother dressed in pure white, Grace (the daughter and artist in grey.) She was clearly impure. There was sexual content and violence which confused left me wondering even more. What's going on with these people??? This was better than any horror film it actually sparked up some emotion in me, even if it wasn't good emotion. That said after watching it I had an idea to make the focus of my curiosity cabinets dark- really get into the depths of what isn't on the surface. It could involve objects that remind me of people that spark of different emotion. 

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