Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The last few weeks at uni have really got me thinking about what I'm going to specialise in next year, especially with that essay coming up. My first thought was animation as it looks like the most creative course that I can use my drawing skills for and make everything from scratch. I make make it entirely mine. I also thought about AV design but I need to learn more about the topic. To help make my final choice I have started to look at a the second and final year blogs (so far Ed and Troys.) Also I am going to look at examples of animation, films, anything at all related to multimedia that takes my interest so that I can see what attracts me the most. 

Looking into the future a bit more I love the idea of working for an advertising company or creating adverts typical of E4 so I am going to look into production companies in the Nottingham area. I am going to see what work that they do, especially work that relates to my own work. Hopefully the research that I do into the companies will lead me to some summer work.

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