Saturday, 24 January 2009

Second life

I typed in Sherwood Forest to compare real life with second life and it came up with this 'kinky'/ castle area with woman advertised. Also under sherwood forest sex was the first thing it came up with. What are they trying to say about nottingham?! Again going back to identities they have almost completely changed the identity of sherwood forest to make it into some ones fantasy. it fits into the 2 ways you can go when you create your own world/avator. You can create something true to real life or something completely different.

I looked up ChinaTracy's land and it was nothing that it is advertised as. It wasn't coverd with fireworks etc and exciting as everyone made it out to be. There was sewage everywhere. I would've thought there would be nothing like that in second life to make it as desirable as possible. After all its meant to be an escape for people. Who wants to escape to a sewer.

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