Monday, 26 January 2009

The real thing vs the imaginary

I found this image on a website advertising marketing, innovation and design. I found this image VERY STARTLING. It gave me a new thought on how avatar really are a reincarnation of themselves. They can give some people hope like this little boy who is too ill to live his life the way he deserves to. People all over the world, in all shapes and form use this website application to burn their face onto an avatar. Its called 'Burn Alter Ego' who are said to give people the 'freedom to maximize your social life beyond reality.' Apparently it allows your to create your own account to work with face book, the burn alter ego (much like second life,) etc...

Personally, I think that in situations like that little boys it is one of the remedies that will give him hope. He's built his identity through the troubled experiences he's had by building a tough warrior outfit.

New York Times

New York Times

These are two photographic collages created for the NewYork times. they were created to reflect the changing of pop culture. How we can show the world how we'd like to look in our fantasies. It brings up the question what is our true identity? Is the person we see in the mirror who we really are? 

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