Tuesday, 13 January 2009

London Trips

I haven't been to London in over a year and in the last week I've been twice! Today's trip went a lot better (as far as looking at art goes,) I mean it's free so why not?! Anyway last week I paid a visit to an exhibition called Dispersion. It was a pointless trip. We got lost and when we got there there was only 3 rooms to look at, not forgetting the corridor. 

Dispersion was about bringing international artists together to present a show based on film, photography, video and performance. My favourite was the above photography work by Anne Collier because of her bold approach to gender and sexuality through facial/ body features. This emphases the way we look and see as she shows as what we are most drawn to as humans. Wat we crave when we look at another human being. I also like the fact that she photographs film posters as well as 'normal' people because it compares how we'd like to be seen (brand identity) and how we are see (personal identity.) 

On the other hand I hated the rest of the exhibition, in particular Hito Stererl's work. Stererl's work is based on an artist's search for a photo of herself as a bondage model. I thought this was pointless film of her looking through book, describing porn. The film didn't grab me and make me want to watch more I just got bored of her talking about what book she's going to look at next.

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