Friday, 16 January 2009


Today I had my review and Simon pointed out something that might help as I want to explore my idea about scrambling faces and getting new identities.

This is a children's book that is split into three segments to reveal different characters. There are 10 animals that can transform into 1000 beasts with new identities. Bright, bold colour are used to depict their characteristics. Each illustration has an educational paragraph to go with it. 

Personally I like it because the books identity becomes very diverse, leading the children through both the real world of animals and an imaginary one.

This is an interactive version of the corpse game. although it isn't as bright and colourful as the book I like the way the faces change expression in a bold way. All the cylinders can be rotated to make the different faces. Apart from its facial features my favourite part is the bold difference in colour of the background and facial features because it makes them stand out.

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