Sunday, 25 January 2009

Character sheets

Mickey Mouses representation of Disney through a famous logo. When Disney isn't written on a film etc they use Warhols  famous pop art technique to represent their company through a symbol.

Every one around the world reconises the classic mickey/ minney mouse character. They were created 80years ago to star as a cheerful rodent in white gloves for fantasia. The white gloves and his friendly face became this trade mark. World wide Mickey was soon known as the ambassador of Disney representing the company all over the world. It is known that Mickey mouse is they character that reflects Walt Disney himself; they both started out mischeivous and cheeky bit with age they prefered to step out of the lime light to witness others work.

When people see Mickey mouse they see happiness in any place, in any culture.
This is a good cartoon sheet to explore all of the dimension of cat woman and to look into detail of how you want to present her. The uniform is her identity. It sleek, it's sexy and it's stunning. All the traits (appearance wise) you want form a female supper hero.

Also I like this character sheet purely for the different expressions therefore you would know how she would react in different situations. I would like to incorparate this type of character design into my work as you would feel like you are getting to know the character from all angles

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