Friday, 9 January 2009

Budapest, 2007.
This curiosity cabinet stood out to me not because I like it but because its brutally bold. no other cabinet I have seen is like this. It is a symbol of their brutal culture and society. Although I don't like it as art I think it is a startling way to show what your culture is like.

Every Little girl remembered the little mermaid and all her trinkets. I like this one because it reminds me of how I was as a kid. I used to have a little box of things that were important to me- a photo of my best friend that moved away, a plastic Disney ring, a few of my drawings of me and my family etc. 

This is one of my favourites because of its lay out. I like how it is all linked but through the composition of the bird yet it is separated. I could make the separated bits into links?

I've started to look at more curiosity cabinets. I really like the simple layouts as I can make them bolder and draw peoples attentions to certain aspects such as an animated logo. I have also come up with more ideas that I have started to put into a sketch book but I need to buy a scanner so these pics will have to wait! 

As well as an animated logo I though of making the eye a link to some personal work such as photography etc ( I'm still thinking of what I can link that to.) I was going to make the mouth a link, possible to a film of an interview of me to tell a more realistic story. Also I was thinking of making each side of the head a link so that one side could be an animation/ interactive narrative to do with my childhood. I think my childhood and my family background is an important part of what has shaped me today. (different ethnic influences- grandad= Nepalese, dad= NZ mixed in with living in England. 

I have also started to look at brand identity vs personal identity. I have found with brand identity, especially for women that we are represented with an image of beauty as our ideal (magazines.) By giving us that ideal in everyday life people are reminded of a brand such as Gucci or Dior by these beautifully presented women. It almost suggests that by buying that product you will turn into them. I have taken this on board when it comes to making my own curiosity cabinet as it will be like presenting a brand, an image that they will associate with you. I thought when I create an aviator I will design as I see my inner self that has a darker edge. It will show how different peoples perceptions of you can be.

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