Friday, 29 April 2011

User Interface Design (revisited)

I have designed 3 UI's for the iphone. They are all based on a question/answer game using different navigation to see how I can get student of a different ages to engage with UI for learning that they don't see as a task.

This UI uses a simple touch option to select the answer. Simple, easy to use.
This is based on the same question/answer game however I have used a different navigation that gets the audience to interact with the interface a bit more. This is a typical technique used by apple.
I have added a new element into this interface to engage the audience in a simple game- guess the answer to the question before the water level goes down. The quicker the audience does this the more life they keep.
I think that the challenge now is to make sure that the game is suitable for the Usher art gallery.

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