Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Validation Process

I have validated all of the main pages of the website. It document type is XHTML so it is a bit stricter than standard HTML.

The errors that arose are below.
One of them was that that some browsers don't support the cursor hand but only supports pointer. This just refers to the type of icon used to show that it is a clickable image.
Next error= Z index
The Z index signifies the stack order of an element. This means that the Z index only works when the positions of elements are set to fixed, relative or absolute.
This is one of the problems caused by the tags in the ditto call, connected with the Hpfeatured and HpfeaturedTPL
This means that script language is wrong it should be script type instead
This error is referring to the border "0" being referenced constantly so should be set in the CSS as a div class to create cleaner code.
Result- Homepage validated!
Validating the 'About Us' page

Extra div in the foot section

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