Thursday, 28 April 2011

Story Boarding for Art Museum App

The idea of this art/game app is to get children more involved with the art work in museums. Through gaming they learn about the pieces of art work through acceding through the levels to win art tools as prizes before they run out of life. The game is quite simple so will attract most ages as they won't see if as a task they have to do.

They gain more points/tools by guessing the answer to the question before the water level is at its lowest point. I still intend to design this based on the Lincolnshire Usher art gallery exhibit.
At the final stage the 'prize' is to create a drawing with the tools that have been won. My aim to to inspire children through this art app to use techniques and expand their ideas through absorbing ideas from masters of the discipline that they have gained knowledge about by playing the game.

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