Monday, 11 April 2011

To have HTML5 or not to have

My original plan was to explore HTML5 intensively throughout the duration of the client project but I had to adapt to the clients requirements. The most important element that changed my mind was that they needed to be able to constantly update their website so I had to learn a content management system. This would allow the client to be more flexible with the content and be able to update the website whenever needed. This will keep more people interested in the website for longer and ensure repeat visitors as they will come back for updates on events etc.

One of the main issues of HTML5 is that I would've had to make two websites as HTML5 isn't compatible with older browsers. Originally I didn't realise how long learning the content management system would take so thought I could still complete both learning a new content management system (Modx) and do HTML5. I have finished slightly early so I am exploring the basics of HTML5 and its potential. The first thing that I have noticed is that HTML5 is structured differently with tags such as
All of these sections, particularly
Another element that I have been recommended to explore my a fellow website designer is a HTML5 boilerplate.

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